We're simply a group of young individuals working on projects together, with no ideological limits. We value open approach to things.


We've grown up with the technology of today, working on native mobile apps, progressive web apps and large and small-scale desktop projects.


We have years of combined experience as interns at Google and part-time employees at various major tech companies. And it's taught us a lot.


Our process

Besides our own projects, we also love to help others with theirs. And transparency is the defining feature of any good collaboration.


We can figure out the most effective ways to make your idea real. What platforms are top priority? How much needs to get done? Let's build upon your idea.


This is our creative process. You'll have access to our code as we build it, no questions asked. Web projects, mobile apps, games, they become reality fast.


This is where our work turns into your product. We'll make sure everything's okay and we'll get our code running on your end platform.


The best ideas come at random. Just let us know. We'll help debug and implement additional code on-the-go. Because the ultimate testers are your users.

we don't have an office.

We're children of the 21st century.
We have internet connection, passion and the technology of today.

let's talk