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student-based, european web/app development studio

Who We Are

We are a group of young people with passion for technology and design. We use this studio to shelter our own projects, as well as help others with theirs.


We're a group of young individuals working on projects together besides our studies and part-time jobs. We value open approach to things and love using new technologies.


We've grown up with the technology of today. We've worked on modern, scalable web projects, native mobile apps, design & branding tasks, and everything inbetween.


While this studio is a side-project for us, we have years of combined experience as interns and part-time employees at places ranging from Google to various startups.

What we work with

  • 100%
    Traditional web technologies
  • 95%
    Vue.js, React.js, TypeScript
  • 95%
    Modern PHP (Symfony 4+) + Doctrine/MariaDB
  • 90%
    NodeJS + Express.js + Mongoose/schemaless databases
  • 85%
    React Native, Angular/Ionic
  • 65%
    Mobile and desktop in C# (Xamarin, etc.)

What we do

We are able to create fast results, as well as stay focused on long-term projects.


Most of the time, we work on our own (often non-profit) ideas and use this studio to shelter them. We love working on interesting ideas and designing stuff.


Our experience has taught how us how to save precious time and money for people by building prototypes reliably and quickly.

Larger projects

We also have experience with legacy projects, which we have been able to rebuild, while making them more effective and user-friendly. We can help plan out sustainable backend infrastructure as well as put together beautiful and usable interfaces for users, and provide long-term support.

UI/UX design

Even though we are a developer-oriented team and usually work with external designs, we also have great designers in our team who have worked on various branding and marketing tasks in the past. We always love the chance to get creative when it comes to creating new products.

Hit us up

Wanna talk about any of our projects or tell us about your own ideas?